Mary Christine Wilhelm was born in Wichita, Kansas on September 18th, 1992. She doesn’t remember any of it given the fact she moved to Florida a year after she was born, but apparently 7/11 cups rained into the yard one time and that must have been very exciting.


More importantly: she rode her first alligator when she was five, and is best friends with Mickey Mouse. She has lived most of her life in St. Petersburg, regularly communing with the spirit of Salvador Dali and other surrealists in order to inform her art.


Andre Breton and Dali never get along so she has to talk to them separately. Very inconvenient.


Her art is also informed from the absurd amount of time watching the

Twilight Zone, Courage the Cowardly dog, and Godzilla.  Along with sneaking

in the occasional campy, scary movie on the Sci-fi channel, until they played “It” by Stephen King one day and it gave her nightmares.


Wandering outdoors ever since she was young, she always happened across odd things that she probably should not have found and developed a strong interest in animals from all these impromptu outings (often trying to befriend the neighborhood feral cats much to their chagrin).


She really isn’t quite sure what else to tell you in this “artist biography”.

She really thinks that she is very boring and everyone should really just go look at the paintings because there is absolutely nothing of any interest right here.


She also thinks writing in third person is completely stupid.


She tells the truth when it suits her and lies about all the rest.


Okay, but really everybody, writing in third person feels entirely silly. If I did not feel some pressure to write SOMETHING, I would normally just have written:

I was born, I painted, and I breathed, ate and probably died. Unless we’ve figured out immortality by 2050 or something… in which case, Huzzah!

About Mary: